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Today Castelnuovo isn’t really at its best. As a matter of fact, the lawful owners have abandoned Castelnuovo and the institutions that should protect and maintain it, have abandoned it too. One of the main institutions which has done so is the Council of Auditore, the town to which Castelnuovo belongs but instead of protecting it with a safeguard and restoration policy, the Council is busy in an unlikely and mysterious reconstructive project which will change the history of this little corner of the earth but also it risks to destroy the traces of the past. This plan started by the Auditore Council (a long time ago) foresees first of all the forced expropriation of the buildings that are part of the historical centre, church included, to the lawful owners, except for three buildings which will be put together in what will be called “a historical reconstruction”. This reconstruction is done with modern materials that have nothing to do with the medieval atmosphere of the village. Basically, they are just using an already existing building area to create a building eyesore typical of our days, in order to earn as much as possible. What is even more absurd is that there’s no protection bodies who control, among which we mention the Cultural Heritage Office which has not forbidden anything. This goes against the laws which impose that such a manoeuvre should happen before the approval of the project (the project was approved in July 2000 but the Office came to know about it only in January 2004, an unforgivable delay). The Office justified itself by stating: “we shall put restrictions when the expropriation is over”. This action gave the Council and the union with a company from Liechtenstein of which we don’t know the owner’s identity, the possibility to become owners of something that doesn’t belong to them by using public utility as an incorrect means. Another institution who isn’t aware of what is happening in the Marches hinterland is the Province of Pesaro and Urbino which has never and in any way controlled correctness of the bureaucracy which is completely out of the norms and rules that guide this country called Italy. In particular, the reconstruction of areas which belong to the historical heritage of the whole community, Marches included. The only exception is the Regional Council of Marches which thanks to some councillors of the committee has tried, without any results, to intensify knowledge and to determine the real nature of a strange and ambiguous process, full of open questions and with no transparency, transparency that should be fundamental. In other words, today Castelnuovo’s features and owners are at risk and letting this happen is as serious as approving this wrong and speculative project. Indifference isn’t good for anyone, not even for those who try to enrich themselves by damaging history.

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